Things Not to Do (For 5-10-year old)

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This 1-Module course teaches a few things that young girls should avoid when dealing with Strangers, Teachers, and even Family members. It is visually appealing and has been watched and enjoyed by young children who watch it over and over again.

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A topic surrounded by myth and mystery is puberty. Some teens dread it while some can’t wait but all teens go through it. This sex education course is designed to help children develop knowledge, skills and motivation throughout their lives to make healthier choices about sex and their bodies. This course breaks down topics like puberty, sexuality, and reproduction in an appropriate way teens can understand.  

Due to the lack of sex education and information gap, most kids don’t know how to protect themselves. This course covers topics for kids of all ages, including how to set boundaries, hygiene and health, peer pressure, puberty, sexual misconduct and so much more.

Particularly if it has to do with sex and sexual health, teens may often be hesitant to bring stuff up with their parents but this is crucial knowledge. At the end of this course, your child would be more comfortable discussing sexual health topics with you.

This sex education course is illustrated as a conversation mainly between four characters, Lola, Aunty Nnenna, Ali and Uncle John.


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