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Caregiving for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Have you been affected by sexual violence personally? Maybe you're helping a loved one who has experienced violence. Or you may be a therapist who helps a client who has made a disclosure. This course has been designed to aid healing from the trauma of sexual violence.

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Life Hacks for Victims of Domestic Violence

This course LIFE HACKS FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE offers information to help victims identify, deal with and overcome the different forms of Domestic Violence.

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Self-Defense for People with Disabilities

It's a very sad fact that criminals in today's world will exploit people with disabilities. Although anyone can be vulnerable to attack, for those with physical limitations or disabilities, risk levels can be elevated. This course will help you gain confidence and strategies to defend yourself despite physical impairments.

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Sex Education For Teenagers

At a very young age, sex education should begin. Kids are naturally curious and it's our job to answer their questions as honestly as possible if we want them to grow up to be empowered, educated and responsible individuals.

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