Life Hacks for Victims of Domestic Violence

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This course LIFE HACKS FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE offers information to help victims identify, deal with and overcome the different forms of Domestic Violence.

Course Details

Domestic violence is a global health issue that can take several forms and can also affect anyone.

Health and Social care professionals play an important role in recognizing and helping victims of violent and abusive relationships, as such you will receive insight on the topic from experienced health and social care professionals.

Every lesson discusses the concept of domestic violence and is structured to help people recognize the different types of violence and harassment. 

The course makes use of real-life experiences for relatedness, to help victims understand that they are not alone and that they can learn from the experiences of others.

At the end of this course, you can fee more assured that you will be better equipped to identify the signs and symptoms of domestic violence, and also be encouraged to take steps to deal with such situations. 

You’ll also be equipped to support other victims of domestic abuse.

What you'll learn:
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