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[Sticky] File Uploads  


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August 10, 2018 14:24  

Members may upload files up to 25MB by using the "Attach Files" button. This should be more than enough but if we get requests to up the limit we will.

An uploaded picture will show a  thumbnail in the post and when clicked it will show full size view. Only Premium and MIL/LEO members can view uploaded pictures and files. To show a picture in the post for everyone to see follow these instructions.

Documents and other files will auto download when clicked. I use extensive security measure to ensure files are safe and only Premium, MIL/LEO may upload and download files. 

*Some features are available only to Premium Members and our MIL/LEO community. 

*For security reasons some features are locked until you create at least 5 posts. 

See examples bellow.

Uploaded picture:


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