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[Sticky] Embed videos, GIFs, Images and Emoji  


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August 9, 2018 02:59  

You can just paste the URL into the post and it will Embed properly. 

Short links and HTML5 Video links do not work. 

oEmbed is enabled if you want to post share links.  you just need to put item share URL in post content to get a widget with all content.

Members may use an image hosting service like Imgur, just paste the link into the post. 

Videos from: Youtube, Vimeo, LiveLeak and many more will work.

GIFs will also work, just paste the URL.

You may select an Emoji from the drop down box or use code to input a Smiley (code list bellow). Emojis and Smileys are different.

See bellow for examples.


*Some features are available only to Premium Members and our MIL/LEO community. 

*For security reasons some features are locked until you create at least 5 posts. 

Picture from Imgur.


GIF from giffy.com:


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