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Welcome to Survivors Hub, 

I spent 8 years as an 88M (Transportation Specialist) AD Army then transitioned to the Reserves for another two years where I picked up 25B (I.T. specialist) as a secondary MOS. I was an instructor for many different Army courses and admire training, equipment and I.T. I have been reloading ammo since 2009 and became a certified gunsmith in 2010. I started Survivors Hub to build a community and help share safe and valuable information about firearms and training. Being prepared for many different situations may save you and/or your families life one day. If you have any request, questions or would like to know how to help please contact me. This site is not putting money into anyone's pocket. Any funds made that are not needed for site maintenance will be donated to non-profits that help our MIL/LEO communities. 

“If a man does his best, what else is there?”
– General George Patton Jr


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